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The Most Powerful WordPress Title Testing Tool

Backed by extensive research1, Viral Headlines™ is a world class artificial intelligence and the easiest way to rapidly grow your WordPress-powered website. We believe that the best decisions are data-driven and our goal is to use that data to make your post titles perform: bring in more traffic, get your posts shared thousands of times worldwide and make you more money.


Send Your Posts Viral With World Class Artificial Intelligence!

Have you ever wondered how sites like Buzzfeed, Upworthy and the Huffington Post get their content to go viral? Why do people share their content so widely? The answer is testing their headlines: these guys write as many as 25 headlines per post and apply rigorous testing to find the most viral of the bunch.

Over 80% of people exposed to your site will read your headlines. But for most sites, less than 20% of people will read the content. We've built a brand new algorithm for continuously improving your post titles to fix this problem.

If you're not testing at all, here's what you can expect to get. These are all real examples from our users:

  • Just basic, easy testing of your headlines you can see as much as a 4,302% increase in traffic to your post.
  • You will rapidly and continuously learn what types of headlines work and what types don't work with your audience. 
  • You can turn a post that had just 5 shares on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest in to a post that gets 50,192 shares over its life... but read on, we do a lot better than that.

If you're already testing with any other solution than Viral Headlines™, here's some raw numbers for what we can offer:

  • 3,772% better results than before. What does this mean for you? It means a post that turned 100 visitors in to 2,000 visitors with a traditional testing solution would have transformed your 100 visitors in to 75,438 new visitors with Viral Headlines!2
  • How is such an incredible improvement possible? By selecting the best headline for each individual user. Every other testing solution selects a single best headline and shows it to all your users. Not with our artificial intelligence! We pick the best headline for that specific user based on over 20 different traits. This means the AI can learn:
    • A Chrome user from Canada should see a different headline than an user on their iPhone in California.
    • A reader browsing your site after work on a Thursday responds to different headlines than a work-hours visitor.
    • Users who come to your site from Facebook share more emotional headlines, but users from Google prefer fact-based headlines.
    • ... and literally thousands of other potential groups. Best of all, you don't have to do anything: the AI is continually learning from your data to pick the best headline for the current user to maximize your posts virality.

Importantly, there is absolutely no mathematics, statistics or any other special knowledge required to use it. Just stick in your headlines and you're done: Viral Headlines deals with the rest, handling all the "statistical significance" and other mathematics necessary to do the best possible work.

1 Viral Headlines™ comes from research from the field called adaptive experiment design commonly used in medical experiments to maximize the learning rate and minimize costs. We combine these ideas with leading work in artificial intelligence, using algorithms that make computers learn to produce some really incredible results.

2 This particular result comes from an experiment conducted on a Buzzfeed-like website on August 7th, 2015. The remaining results are all selections from other real user data shared with permission.

Powered by World Class Artificial Intelligence

The algorithm is our own secret blend of research from Stanford, Princeton and other leading colleges. The result is the ability to perform testing at a rate that works for even the smallest of sites: often, we can learn the best headlines in less than 50 views! This means that your users are quickly seeing the best headline, you're getting the most social media attention, clicks or signups you can and your readers are sticking around the longest.

This guy is sharing your headlines right now.

Everyone who touches Viral Headlines loves it.

Been using the beta VH on a new site for 3 weeks now, I think about 75% of my traffic is a result of the shares & response I'm getting after testing the headlines. No question this is a must in any marketer's toolkit.

"Kimbo Slice", via email

Joe gave me early access to his new version of the Viral Headlines tool. I've never done any testing before but I've always thought it was a good idea... but here's what you care about: from my most popular post I've got just over a 2,000% improvement on clicks to the post in 2 weeks for less than 15 minutes of my time.

Josh Frame, Internet Marketer

These guys kill it on this stuff... you can feel the passion every time you talk to Joe (the lead developer). Thing is, Viral Headlines kills it probably because of that passion. I love that I can just put in new headlines and have it learn which is the best without wasting a bunch of time on A/B testing. If you're doing social, you can't live without this.

Mike Copeland, Marketing Consultant

#contentarb (content arbitrage) game changer.

Jason K., via Facebook