Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions whatsoever that aren’t covered here, please contact us, we’re eager to help!

Can I choose which posts / pages on my site use Viral Headlines?


Can you help me set up Viral Headlines?

Yes, but you won’t need us to: it is very simple to use — you can simply upload the included WordPress plugin and start setting up experiments. If you ever want to chat or need help setting it up, our team, including the lead developer and statistician, is happy to help with anything you need!

My server isn’t very powerful, will this slow down my server?

Absolutely not. We’re aware that running sophisticated artificial intelligence algorithms at web scale is beyond the capacity of most web hosting hardware. You won’t have any problem, all the computation happens on our servers. We do extensive performance testing to ensure that everything is fast.

My site isn’t in English, can I still use your artificial intelligence?

Yes. Much of our advice is currently English-only, but the experiment design and artificial intelligence work in all languages. Viral Headlines is absolutely ready for your non-English website.

Does Viral Headlines work with caching plugins?

Yes. We encourage you to use a plugin like the awesome and free W3 Total Cache if your site is busy. Viral Headlines will work fine.

Will I see positive results on my site?

Yes. We have zero customers that do not see positive results within one week. I’m not kidding. The scale of the results varies substantially (with some results in the 50,000% improvement range!) dependent on how good of a headline writer you already were and how many variants you test. You’ll see the best results if you want your users to share your posts on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or other social media platforms or if you have a site that has regular new posts that you want to draw attention to.

The technique we use in Viral Headlines almost guarantees positive results because of how rapidly it learns: a combination of some very modern state-of-the-art artificial intelligence and 50 years of experiment design research gives us the tools we need to make sure you get the best headlines rapidly, without sacrificing any of your site’s performance.

If you don’t see positive results within 30 days, we’ll give you your money back. No questions asked.

Will it work on my site?

Right now, Viral Headlines is only available for WordPress. If you’re running WordPress, it will work for you. If you run a content site that isn’t powered by WordPress and you’re interested in using the Viral Headlines technology, please contact our team to chat.

Will Viral Headlines help my search engine performance?

It can! We can’t (yet!) improve your search engine rankings but we can make them much more valuable. When users see a search engine results page, they see headlines and excerpts — both things we improve. How do we do this? Over time, we use linguistic analysis and test your headlines and excerpts as specified by you to see which ones people click on, on Google and Bing. As we start to learn the best headlines and excerpts to get people to click on your search results, those are shown to the search engine’s crawlers to encourage them to display your highest-performance headlines and excerpts.

Will Viral Headlines hurt my search engine rankings?

No. The techniques and tools used in Viral Headlines have been extensively tested on very search engine dependent websites with no ill effects (in fact, positive effects in the number of users that come from the search engines!). We utilize clean, canonical URLs, OpenGraph and all other appropriate “microformats” to inform the search engine of what is going on. Many of our clients are dependent on search engine traffic for their livelihood and we would never jeopardize that!