Test Many Headlines Quickly and Easily

What does testing with our AI mean for you? It means you can test as many headlines as you want on all your posts using state-of-the-art artificial intelligence. It means you'll identify the best headlines for getting your audience to click on, read, and most importantly share your posts on social media. It means you'll get more traffic, your traffic will be more engaged and you'll make more money!

"How?" you ask. It's simple, instead of writing one headline, with Viral Headlines you can write as many as you want. We recommend testing at least 10 per post, but some major media organizations like Buzzfeed and the Huffington Post are said to test as many as 25 on every single post. Our system gets to work immediately behind the scenes, performs a sophisticated linguistic analysis, analyzes the words you use, the length and type of your headlines to determine which are going to work the best, and then using all this information, actively runs an experiment to identify the best headlines.

Our experiments don't waste traffic on inferior headlines (unlike nearly every other solution!) — learning is fast and adaptive experiment design ensures that we get the best headlines in front of your audience almost immediately.

Write Better and Better Headlines

The AI used is continuously learning from the headlines it sees both on other popular websites and directly from your own site: learning how your visitors respond to different headline characteristics. As the data becomes available, Viral Headlines provides you advice and insights on how to write future headlines as you're writing them.

Further, the AI is continuously improving, it gets smarter every day and ensures that you and your writers can maximize their time spent writing new headlines. Better yet, it helps you iterate on headlines that are working well and reproduce those successes over and over.

Incredible Results: Show the Right Headline For Each Individual User

This is a huge part of the Viral Headlines advantage: older testing systems don't have our artificial intelligence, they don't have our experiment design techniques, but most importantly: they find a single best headline and show it to all your users.

But your users aren't all the same. Viral Headlines is constantly looking for groups of your users who act differently than the rest. In other words, Viral Headlines might decide to show one headline to Chrome users in Canada and a different headline to users at work during work hours.

Did you know? Viral Headlines is based on research from some of the best colleges and universities in the world including Stanford, Harvard, Carnegie Mellon and others. The technology is used in medical trials to reduce patient deaths, agricultural experimentation to maximize crop yields and now internet marketing to make more money. Recent research, conducted in 2015 at the University of Tokyo confirms the success: showing that even without the huge gains of the per-user headline selection, Viral Headlines performs 57% better than any other method.

But, who cares about the implementation details (well, we do!)? You care about the results. And the results are huge. In our experiments, this one feature — showing the right headline to the right user — created a 300% improvement on an average general-audience media site.

The following chart is how much better we did on a selection of real customer's websites, shared with permission. The dark red indicates the results from the current version of Viral Headlines, the green indicates one of our first versions. Blue represents the technique that other testing tools of all sorts use: traditional experiment design or "A/B testing" with no artificial intelligence and no adaptive component; a method that is just not all that appropriate for testing headlines on the web. Our technology wins by a landslide!

This leaves out our best result from these tests (a 37.7x improvement!) because it was so good showing it made the other methods invisible on the chart! The 5 tests presented above (and the best result) took place on a variety of websites from small (~100 visitors a day) to large (just over 1 million visitors a day): we aim to produce improvements for everyone.

Different Goals, Multiple Goals — We can do it all!

Not looking to maximize the social and traffic acquiring impact (the "virality") of your headlines? That's fine — we support a range of objectives to target and you can switch between them at will. In fact, you can have different objectives on each post if you like — maybe certain posts you want to maximize the number of readers returning to your site while others you wish to have more of your existing users read the post. Maybe you want to increase engagement and encourage users to comment on your posts. We can do that.

This lets you do powerful things like optimize a call-to-action page for users who are coming on to your site to click it. For example, maybe you have a viral site and you want to sell an eBook or subscription service. Simple: set up a page to sell your subscription service and set its goal to "clicks", while the other pages are all aiming for virality. We'll bring in the traffic and funnel it to your sales page. You'll make more money. Easy.

Get More Social Shares: Find the Best Headline for Social Media

We integrate tightly with Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest on the backend to maximize the number of people sharing your posts and headlines — and the amount of traffic they bring in. What you really need is the best and strongest influencers to get people to start sharing your posts, and that is where we excel. Viral Headlines will use its intelligence to pick the best headline to show to influencers to get them to share your stories and bring in traffic.

Find the Best Headline for SEO

When users see a search engine results page, they see headlines and excerpts — both things we test, tweak and improve for you. How do we do this? Over time, we use our intelligence and linguistic analysis and test your headlines and excerpts to see which ones people click on, on Google and Bing. As we start to learn the best headlines and excerpts to get people to click on your search results, those are shown on the search engine results pages.

Viral Headlines will help you choose the right post titles to maximize the impact on your site that you want. You will see dramatic improvements in the number of users sharing your posts, the amount of traffic you get and most importantly: the amount of money you earn. All this with a 30 day money back guarantee and lifetime support and updates.

Power Without Difficulty

Absolutely no mathematics required. No technical skills. No statistics. No "sample sizes," no "p-values," no "code," nothing.

If you can use WordPress (even at a beginner level), you can use Viral Headlines. All the powerful math, statistics and artificial intelligence is wrapped up behind an easy-to-use user interface, complete with advice, hints and direction as you go.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

If you are not 100% satisfied with Viral Headlines, just send us an e-mail within 30 days and you’ll get a full refund. No questions asked.

Continually Improving

The way our AI works it is constantly getting better. It learns from its environment. This is true for your site specifically too — as the AI gets more experience with your site, it learns faster and faster as time goes on. Better yet, the advice it provides gets customized to your site. Within a short period of learning, it will know precisely how to write the best headlines for your site. These improvements (and all future versions) come for free!

Regularly Updated

Viral Headlines is our core focus. We want to make you more money by integrating artificial intelligence in to your workflow. As such, we're constantly developing and improving the intelligence and the tools.

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